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Friday, May 10, 2013

Makes a friendly software

Software is user friendly or user friendly would be more value and determine the number of consumers who like to use software that we make. The purpose of the software is user friendly software that is easy to operate and has the ability to make users feel at home using the software.
user friendly software
To be able to design and make the software user friendly or easy to use user, we must know the criteria or characteristics of software that is user friendly. The following general characteristics software is user friendly:

     easy to use

     Intent here is obviously easy to use easy to understand and use by users who require the software. Software that we created is designed for the user to easily develop their own reasoning.

     Interactive software is software that is designed, which can make the user interacts with the application program. Software designed so that users could be helped if there are obstacles in the operation or to notify the user if there is an error in entering data or commands.
     Meet the needs of users

     Preferred software users should be able to meet the needs of its users. In this case dirangcang software in order to provide the correct output in accordance with the wishes of the user. For example, software for image processing, in this case the user would like the software to perform image enhancement, provision of additional effects, the output file is small with good quality etc..

Thus the general characteristics that software is user friendly or user preferred. Then on the next I'll write about tips on designing software that is user friendly.
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