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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Look after handphone

As one of the important gadgets, lest we got a cell phone deh easily damaged or faulty. So, take care of the phone should be the one thing required so that we can minimize the damage and age of cell phones could be longer. Here's how to take care of:

     Clean regularly phone us. To clean the exterior, use a soft cloth such as eyeglasses cloth or cotton cloth. As for the inside, go to the back of the phone, remove the battery and clean between them with a cotton bud.
  keep also camera.  

The camera on the phone also needs to be treated so that the picture is satisfactory. Clean the camera lens with a soft cloth and absorb water, and do not use a tissue or cotton. You see, it could leave a small flake powder and attached to the lens and will increase the gross.

Keep away from heat and water. Do not place our phone in places exposed to direct sunlight and watering places. When exposed to the hot sun, will degrade the quality of the screen. While in a watery, vulnerable ruin our mobile component.
     Wear protective mobile phone. To be safe, use a cell phone cover provided by our mobile plants. Ya really important, to save our phone from scratches and impact.