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Saturday, May 11, 2013

How to Protect Your Computer From Viruses

How to Protect Your Computer From Viruses


With millions of web users ngebrowsing computer at any given time, there are plenty of targets for hackers (coders) dangerous. While computer experts do not always know why the hackers (coders) choose to build harmful computer programs, the fact is that it happens all the time. Computer viruses can steal personal information, interfere with normal operations, attract spam and even shut down your computer's hard drive. Protecting your computer is important to jamming browsing safely.Start With the BasicsMost computer systems come with security features already installed. For example, the Windows operating system is packaged with Microsoft Windows Security Center. When you first open the computer, you must make sure that this program works. It will provide basic protection against spyware, viruses and malware. In addition, basic firewall built into this program, providing additional protection and to stop potentially harmful programs. After activation, do not be surprised if the security system to be updated urgently. Software that protects your computer needs to update regularly and consistently in order to remain useful. New viruses are constantly generated and some longer-months between the time you purchased your computer and when you first start using it can mean that the security system database has expired.Upgrade To Meet Your NeedsMany people operate a computer for a long time using only basic protection (free antivirus). However, heavy computer users or those who have risky browsing habits sometimes jamming can benefit from upgrading their virus, spyware and malware protection, as well as using a firewall with a more complete feature. This is important especially if we are using a computer in a network system, the protection of free antivirus is good anyway, however a paid antivirus will offer facilities more features, including ease of use, the most important is to verify the antivirus and make sure you get what is promised by the antivirus. Most of the well-known antivirus products like AVG or Norton Security has provided a review masing2, to help us make choices masing2.Learn About Risk SpywareSpyware creates risks that are not recognized by most computer users, if we only protect your computer from virus, you can leave your computer open to damaged, most people are familiar with this spyware, which began with an interesting way of displaying ads and programs that interrupt, however Spyware can much more dangerous as well, your online shopping habits can be tracked by spyware, though not exactly dangerous, but some people think this is the violation of privacy, the worst Spyware programs disrupt the normal operating system and can even track what you type, sending personal information to the tesebut spyware makers, who aim to steal another person's identity, some spyware even change the direction of proper browsing kesitus dangerous, which increases our risk berbayaha virus.How to Work VirusThe main difference between spyware and viruses is how they spread. virus reproduces itself and any documents attached to the computer sends, while spyware can be stored as a cookie or tracking code. Viruses are the most common infectious by attaching itself to a computer software, such as image files, documents or pieces of music. When dealing with email, it is necessary to open the attachment to become infected, in many cases, the computer user must somehow invite the malicious software to replicate on their systems. Of course, most people do not know it exists or what happened. Some of the sneakiest and most harmful viruses actually masquerade as antivirus, making them very difficult to detect. Therefore, it is important to be familiar with your particular antivirus and know what is normal and what scripts and instructions for its operation. Viruses do some things that spyware does the same, they just do it in different ways. An active virus can steal personal information, generate ads or shut down your system, including antivirus programs that can solve this problem.Take Steps To ProtectionAs with anything, the best way to protect against the virus is to be learned, to be familiar with what kind of malicious software (Malware) look, if we get an email or are asked to download a file that we do not know its function, we require that suspicious clicking link2, etc. . Research on protection against viruses, malware, and spyware and firewall programs, use this software to fully capacity. Set the software (antivirus) for automatic updates and scans regularly to ensure our systems are continually monitored, in addition to regularly check the database published by the antivirus services and the latest virus, and how to solve it without spending unnecessary costs later.Related Articles

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