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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

HAcker in the world

  • Anonymous, a group of hackers originating in 2003.
  • Chaos Computer Club, is based in Germany and other German-speaking countries. Famous among older hackers.
  • Cult of the Dead Cow, also known as cDc or cDc Communications, is a computer hacker and DIY media organisation founded in 1984 in Lubbock, Texas.
  • Decocidio is an anonymous, autonomous collective of hacktivists which is part of Earth First!!, a radical environmental protest organisation, and adheres to Climate Justice Action
  • Global kos was a grey hat (leaning black hat) computer hacker group active from 1996 through 2000.
  • globalHell was a group of hackers, composed of about 60 individuals. The group disbanded in 1999, when 12 members were prosecuted for computer intrusion and 30 for lesser offences.
  • Goatse Security (GoatSec) is a loose-knit, nine-person grey hat hacker group that specializes in uncovering security flaws.
  • Hackweiser is an underground hacking group and hacking magazine founded in 1999.
  • Honker Union is a group known for hacktivism, mainly present in Mainland China, whose members launched a series of attacks on websites in the United States, mostly government-related sites.
  • L0pht, was a hacker collective active between 1992 and 2000 and located in the Boston, Massachusetts area.
  • Level Seven was a hacking group during the mid to late 1990s. Eventually dispersing in early 2000 when their nominal leader "vent" was raided by the FBI on February 25, 2000.
  • LulzSec, a group of hackers originating and disbanding in 2011 that claimed to hack "for the lulz". Currently broken up.
  • Masters of Deception, initial membership grew from meetings on Loop-Around Test Lines.
  • milw0rm is a group of "hacktivists" best known for penetrating the computers of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) in Mumbai.
  • NCPH is a Chinese hacker group based out of Zigong in Sichuan Province.
  • #ro0ted is a group of greyhat computer hackers that began in 2003. in 2013 they successfully got 1k signatures against #CISPA.
  • TeaMp0isoN is a group of black-hat computer hackers established in mid-2009
  • TESO, was a famous hacker group, which originated in Austria and quickly became international. It was active from 1998 to 2004, and during its peak around 2000, it was responsible for a significant share of the exploits on the bugtraq mailing list.
  • UGNazi A hacking group best known for several attacks on US government sites.